Reebok Z Pump Rise

Although Reebok has been almost invincible throughout the league for 2016, let's find out if the Z Pump Rise could get them back in the game for 17'-18' season. Here's a quick video review: Is It a Sleeper? Reebok Z Pump Rise! … [Read more...]

Reebok Question!

You might have mistaken this post as a literal 'question' to the Reebok brand, this isn't. This is a video review of the newest signature shoe of the legend and HOF Allen 'The Answer' Iverson: Reebok Question First Impression + Tech Overview … [Read more...]

Why do people purchase more than 1 basketball shoe

Ever wonder why people purchase more than 1 shoe? Here's a video discussing if it's worth it to have more than one basketball shoe: Is It Worth It to Have More Than 1 Basketball Shoe? … [Read more...]